HateBraking News February 2016

Ferguson & North County Youth Panel

Morgan Bradley (2015 HB Hero), Clayton Pasley, John Greene, Kent Hirschfelder (Chairperson, Holocaust Museum & Learner Center), Lauren Markow (HB Advisor)

FERGUSON VOICES AT THE HOLOCAUST MUSEUM2015 HateBraker Hero, Theresa Bradley, founder of Communities in Unity, works non-stop to bridge boundaries in St Louis by helping neighbors actively listen to each other.

On a recent Sunday afternoon, she brought a dozen gifted and ambitious North County young people—performing musicians, published poets, budding entrepreneurs ages 14 to 24–to the Holocaust Museum.

“Young people have so much to say about their world and to ask about future possibilities! We have to give them safe spaces to express themselves,” she explains.

Judging from the panelists’ thoughts, emotions and insights, the intense questions from the audience and the interactive dialogue that followed, they were in a truly unifying setting.

Kudos to Deb and Kent Hirschfelder for arranging the venue–where the horrors of the past are coupled with the challenge of “Change Begins with Me” and where active listeners and candid talkers can meet in understanding and healing.

Reception at the Balks

Photo: George Hembach, Eva Hembach (European Bureau Chief), Martin Israel and Tabari Coleman (HB Board Member)


Eva Hembach, HateBrakers’ European Bureau Chief, visited St Louis headquarters last month.

A gathering of local HateBrakers of all ages and neighborhoods welcomed her to St Louis to learn first-hand about discovering and spotlighting HateBraker Heroes in Vienna.

Eva told the crowd about her campaign to find and celebrate HateBrakers from the Nazi time. She is currently working with Walter Ulsinger, who was the seven-year-old son of the family that sheltered Jews in their apartment.

That seven-year-old is now a charming eighty-six-year-old retired neurosurgeon. Her interview with him will become part of our Meet a Hero, Be a Hero school curriculum, demonstrating alternatives to succumbing to hate.

In addition, with a grant from the Austrian government, HateBrakers is installing plaques —to mark the spots where ordinary citizens pumped the brakes on hate and saved the lives of fellow-citizens marked for murder.

2016 Awards

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