Who We Are?

The HateBrakers mission is to identify, educate, and award those acts and behaviors that interrupt the cycle of hate-breeds-hate. We help interrupt this cycle by:

-Spotlighting individuals who have experienced violence either as targets, witnesses, or perpetrators and then found the moral courage to become leaders and healers rather than haters.

-Gathering stories of moral courage from HateBrakers of all ages and ethnicities whose heroic actions are models for others.

-Expanding the reach of these individuals both locally and globally through a solid educational program of original interviews. These interviews have been carefully selected from seventy-five videos for each audience.

-Working with schools and community organizations locally and globally to develop advanced solutions by the usage of presentations, exhibits, educational materials, and publications illustrating how people manage to transcend their personal hate injuries to heal others.

HateBrakers provides close-up conversations with people who have caused, witnessed or endured acts of hate from bullying to genocide–and gone on to become heroes, healers and leaders.

What is a HateBraker?

Hate (v.) a deep dislike or resentment that may involve cruelty and violence

Brake (v.) a person who halts, slows, or restrains

HateBraker (n.) a person who is not perilously defined by an act of hate; (v.)hatebraking

HateBrakers are victims, witnesses, and perpetrators who put a stop to the predictable cycle of hate-breeds-hate instead of becoming haters themselves.

Educational Program

Meet A Hero, Be A Hero is a video resource guide that addresses themes from abuse to bullying to race-baiting to scapegoating to genocide, highlighting moral courage in the face of acts of hate.

This educational program spotlights individuals who have experienced acts of hate as either targets, witnesses, or perpetrators. Each one used that experience with hate as a springboard to make change and became a model of civility.

HateBrakers partners with classroom teachers to present short videos that highlight these HateBrakers. Teachers facilitate discussions and activities designed to help students explore issues and themes evoked by the testimonials. Meet a Hero, Be a Hero empowers students to find courage through adversity and become leaders themselves.

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