Our Mission

Our Mission

HateBrakers provide advanced solutions to interrupt the repetitive cycle of hate-breeds-hate and transform perpetrators, targets, and witnesses into leaders, healers, and heroes.

Our Vision

To work with schools and community organizations locally and around the globe to further develop tools, presentations, exhibits, educational materials and publications.

To expand the reach of these individuals both locally and globally through our programs, original interviews, a rich web site, social media, and growing network of HateBrakers from all over the world.


Educational Program

Meet A Hero, Be A Hero: HateBraking 101

Using video interviews appropriate to provide audience with role models, HateBrakers created Meet A Hero, Be A Hero: HateBraking 101 program, in which videos that are a part of the educational material allow:

  • kids to become immersed and actively involved by breaking down and dissecting the importance of what the interviewees accomplished
  • the promotion of conversation between students and their peers about sensitive topics like racial tension
  • students to have a better understanding of one another
  • students to feel safer and more sympathetic towards their peers
  • reduces bullying within the learning environment

HateBrakers created a hundred page educational guide that provides lesson plans and group activities after each video. Our Meet A Hero, Be A Hero: HateBraking 101 program may help to prevent the next school shooting, motivated by hatred.

Get your local school connected with this program! 

What is a HateBraker?

HateBrakers are role models who experienced hate (as either a victim, witness, or perpetrator) and, instead of becoming haters themselves, changed the world for the better in very specific ways. Their stories are examples to everyone. We think people are much more likely to pump the brakes on hate if they see someone else doing it.

We celebrate the leadership and heroism of these individuals.

Do you know someone who leads by example or who has found the moral courage to interrupt the hate-breeds-hate? Click Here to Nominate A HateBraker!